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Members of CSGNA include Registered Nurses, Registered Nurse Practitioners, Licensed Practical Nurses, or Registered Practical Nurses who work in health care based settings with a Gastroenterology focus, in a clinical, advanced practice, supervisory, educator, research or administrative capacity.

CSGNA Membership term is May 1 of each year.

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Open to:
Registered Nurses, Registered Nurse Practitioners, Licensed Practical Nurses, or Registered Practical Nurses

With valid provincial registration or license, and are In good standing, and work in health care based settings (hospitals, clinics, educational institutions, private practice, government agencies) with a Gastroenterology focus, in a clinical, advanced practice, supervisory, educator, research or administrative capacity.

*18-month memberships are ONLY available AFTER November 1. This membership level is tailored to those who wish to register for the November CANIBD conference. The 18-month membership term is November 1 - April 30 (of the subsequent year). If you purchase an 18-month membership BEFORE November 1 you will be contacted to either receive a refund of $40 ($100 1-year membership which will expire the following April) OR remit payment for an additional $45 to extend the membership until April of the following year. ($185 2-year membership)

Open to those who no longer qualify to be members of CSGNA by reason of not having a valid registration or license as an RN, RNP, LPN or RPN. People who work in the field of Gastroenterology who are not registered/licensed nurses (endoscopic reprocessors, assistants, BSN, LPN/RPN students. Others engaged in activities of the field of Gastroenterology, but not employed in a health care setting (representatives and nurse employees of industry and pharmaceutical companies).

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