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CNA Certification in Gastroenterology Nursing shows your commitment to an advanced standard of professional competence and have a comprehensive understanding of your nursing specialty.

CSGNA Certification

Join the growing network of more than 18,000 CNA-certified RNs at the leading edge of health care. Being CNA certified in Gastroenterology Nursing shows that you’re committed to an advanced standard of professional competence and have a comprehensive understanding of your nursing specialty.


The Definition of Certification

Certification is the voluntary and periodic process by which an organized professional body confirms that a registered nurse has demonstrated competence in a nursing specialty by having met pre-determined standards of that specialty.

Purpose of Certification

Promote excellence in nursing care for the people of Canada through the establishment of national standards of practice in nursing specialty areas.

Why Certify

Provides opportunity for personal growth and satisfaction.
Validates your qualifications and your advanced competence.
Demonstrates a commitment to nursing excellence.
Confirms that you have met a national standard.
Demonstrates your professional aspirations and your desire to improve the quality of patient care and patient services.
Provides you with greater career opportunities.

Certification Program Goes Paperless

Learn More Certification Program Goes Paperless (PDF 851 KB)


GI Nursing Certificate

Are you a practicing RN looking to advance your nursing career? Do you want to be ready to write your Canadian Certified Gastroenterology Nurse, CGN(C) exam? This online Gastroenterology Nursing Certificate is unique within Canada and equips you with practical skills for entry into the growing field of endoscopic (GI) nursing.

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