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Congratulations on your Retirement!

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Congratulations on your Retirement!

Congratluations Donna Power and Mabel Chaytor on your Retirement!


Mabel Chaytor is retiring after 42 years!!!

Mabel Chaytor…… a famous name in the city’s hospital halls. Everyone knows Mabel! And even today, patients and staff still ask for her and about her.  There is no doubt she has had a tremendous impact on a lot of people over the years.

Graduated from the Grace in 1974, she has worked in various areas of nursing over her longstanding career including the emergency department, but she found a permanent home in Endoscopy.

She joined CSGNA in 1992 and from that point on there was no stopping her! Working tirelessly she pioneered a path for all of us endo nurses. She was an ambassador for Newfoundland nurses. Within the CSGNA, Mabel completed her CNA certification in gastroenterology, she held numerous executive positions provincially, all the while working full time and raising her family. Then she went National!

Mabel held the positions of East Coast Director 2009-2010, president elect 2011-2012 and then CSGNA National President 2013-2014. Not to mention all the scholarships and awards she has received over the years including the CAG scholarship. She fostered a sense of pride and an interest in GI education in so many of us. There is a picture of Mabel holding the banner “Proud to be a GI Nurse” in the SCMH unit today.

We are proud of you Mabel, and of all the hard work and time you dedicated to help evolve the CSGNA into what it is today. Working side by side with you, you were a wealth of knowledge and you were like the energizer bunny……never slowed down, only maybe to get her tea and a sandwich, while still on the hop.

Working at the Grace, St. Clare’s, and the Health Science sites gave her the knowledge and experience to take on the final nursing role in her career….Patient Care Coordinator at SCMH. It is from here that she ends her tremendously successful career to start the next chapter in her life. We all wish you nothing but happiness and all the best in your retirement.

Congratulations Mabel!!

Cheers from your CSGNA NL Chapter.



Donna Power has had an extensive 37 year nursing career. Starting out as a nursing assistant in 1980, then years later became an LPN. She began working at HSC Endoscopy in 2005 and has been an active member of our CSGNA NL Chapter. She is a very conscientious and dedicated worker. Always keen to expand her education and keep guidelines current, she has attended our chapter GI Day, CSGNA National conferences, AAG meetings and completed a course with Olympus.

Donna also obtained her LPN2 designation from Eastern Health. She is always there to lend a hand in the unit, helping others with any tasks that arise. She is very kind hearted and always puts her patients first. For many years she worked in the reprocessing area and in recent years has become the ‘backbone’ of our recovery room, keeping the flow going and everything organized. She is the ‘go-to’ person for colleagues and physicians to help trouble shoot with equipment. She keeps everything well stocked, knowing all the order numbers and suppliers, which are detailed in her ‘GI Bible’ -by the way Donna hope you will be leaving that book of knowledge behind!!

In addition to her great working capabilities she has a wonderful sense of humour, bringing a smile or many times a great laugh to a very busy day. She is a Christmas fanatic and enjoys announcing each month on the 24-25th how many months are left till the next season. Many times over the years a little gift was left for each of us from Santa, which is indicative of her giving nature. Donna you will truly be missed by all your GI family, but we wish you every happiness as you start your retirement journey.

Congratulations and best wishes,  from your CSGNA NL Chapter






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